About Us


Urbana Solutions Pte Ltd, with its headquarters in Singapore, has established a global presence that extends across more than 20 countries. Our specialization lies in a wide variety of equipment, encompassing industrial and home electronic and electrical devices, IT and ICT products, and their accompanying spare parts and accessories.

With a seasoned management team at the helm, we prioritize exceptional service consistency, improved logistics efficiency, local support, and transboundary compliance. Our expertise allows us to ensure a seamless experience for our customers across regions.

Sustainability forms the bedrock of Urbana Solutions operations, underpinning our core values and guiding principles. We showcase our unwavering commitment to sustainability by wholeheartedly embracing the principles of the circular economy.

In partnership with our cooperative partners, Urbana Solutions provides an all-encompassing solution to meet your 3R requirements. Our team of specialists conducts thorough assessments of your unique needs and delivers optimal solutions, covering everything from equipment decommissioning to recycling.

At Urbana Solutions, we hold the perspective that every client is an esteemed partner on our collective path towards sustainability.

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